I have just uploaded 2 Videos for cleaning out the Vitrigraph Boxes..... 

1.    This one is for cleaning out the Bottomless Vit Box:


2. This one is for cleaning out the Vitrigraph box with the floor:



Using our Stainless Steel Vitrigraph Pots

This is not a lesson on how to pull cane but just a few notes on using our new Stainless Steel Vitrigraph pots. We are going to do many classes here in Bonny Doon.  If you want to get on the notification list shoot me an email to bkpottery@aol.com.  

* Put a nice solid layer of kiln wash onto the floor of your kiln before firing. No need to dry.  It will dry plenty during the firing.

Spray your new Vitrigraph Pot with Zyp (formerly MR97)

*I always put a piece or two of clear across the bottom hole if I am filling the pot with scrap

  After firing the pots will come out very clean with a few aggressive knocks from a hammer (wear safety glasses) see the videos posted above!  I then use some steel wool to take out the remaining Zyp, respray and load!

*If you are using full squares of glass just leave a 1/4 open space around the squares……  seems to make them melt a bit better…..so if your pot is 5 x 5" cut your squares 4 1/2".

*Plug the bottom of your kiln with a piece of fiber blanket while heating up the kiln.  This gives you a better even heat throughout the pot.

*Always vacuum your kiln after any vit firing.  A little piece of glass that gets on your brick can just eat a hole in a couple of firings. Vacuum the coils and the floor.

Hope you love using our new pots.  …Most important of all.....  HAVE FUN!!!!!


Customers have been asking us for a Bottomless Vitrigraph Pots where they can use fiber board as the base.  This way you can change the hole to the sizes for a particular project.  After cutting your hole use some fine sandpaper to get loose particles off. I have been adding a piece of 1 mm fiber paper (same paper we have on our site for crackle) I cut the hole slightly larger than the hole in the fiberboard.   It protects your fiberboard to use many many times . We carry the fiber board in 6" squares.      In a small or narrow kiln it is easier to get this positioned into the kiln making sure your holes lines up with the hole in the kiln and then load it . It can be awkward trying to keep it together if you load it and then try to move it to the kiln. On a tall stack I place the fiber board in the kiln.....load the stack of glass....and then slip the prepared Bottomless Vit over it. Be sure to spray your Bottomless Vit Pot with Zyp and it will come out so clean you can even change COEs!

Fiberboard 6/6 -  1- $12.00  

Fiberboard 6/6-  2/ $22.00


Be sure to check out our Vitrigraph Stands!!!  No need to pull that hot glass over your head!!