Buddha Molds

Here is a new Buddha made by Barbara Shorty Watkins!!!! 

All of our larger Buddhas below are now going to be "Made to Order".  They will take at least 2 weeks from the time they are ordered and not made at all in the rainy season.  email for more info!

Crowned Buddha -  (made to order)

Price $120

Size - mold is 15 1/2" x 14"  Glass piece 13 x 14 1/2"


Large Texture Buddha $120 (I do his hair a few different textures) 15 1/2 x 11" (made to order)

Below is a beauty made by Patrice C.

Large Gentle Buddha  $120.   (13" x 16 1/2") (made to order)

Our newest Buddha is20" x 9 1/2".  The top and bottom design is to look like wood so I think I will call it the "Wooded Buddha".  This one in stock for immediate shipment!!

This is the only size I will be making it in.

Price is $88 

And thanks to the experiments with our first Buddha  mold by Chris Guercio we now know that it is also possible to just slump into it.  She is using a piece of 8 1/2 " x 8 1/2" single layer Bullseye and slumping to 1280 for 10 min....when she added a Bindi dot she fired it to 1360.

This one was made by Terry Lindstrom of Nebraska with a single piece of glass slumped into our Buddha mold!!