Bonny Doon AdjustaMold

Here is our newest product!!  This material is fabulous as you can adjust it to fit your needs for your particular free flowing formed pieces.

Here is a little video!!

and another



12" x 12"  $22.00

12" x 36"  $60

36" x 36"  $118.00


 This can be cut with a scissors. If you want the inside of a piece facing the Adjustamold material to be completely smooth I cover it with scraps of thinfire!! When firing leaves and some flowers I use nothing on it. I may get a few screen imprints but I do not care on these. If it matters then cover the mold material with scraps of thinfire. I no longer use any Zyp on this. just not needed.

I am not having any issues when slumping 1175 for 30 min.  Yeah. You only need to support very thick heavy pieces with some stilts or mold parts or whatever you have..


This material does not crease (Unless you really try hard!!) so it can be used over and over with different shapes.

This is a round cut out of a 36/36" Adjustamold

Here is the set up I decided to use on this one.  it is a Bottomless mold around 15" upside down with a 1/2" fiberboard round on top of some 3" posts.  Adjustamold over it.....Sprayed with Zyp lightly.  fired to 1175 for 45 min.

This will be a list of questions I have gotten thru email....I will add more as they come in!


1. Can this be used in a full fuse?  

answer:  Not really what I intend to use it for.  I believe covered with thin fire maybe you could but you would have to test for yourself.  I think of it as an organic slump forming material

2.  How long does it last?

answer:   I see no deterioration at all.  I think it will be able to be used for many many many firings.

3. What temperature are you slumping at?

answer:  My normal go to is 1175 with a 45 min hold

4. Do you need to clean it?

answer:  No.....nothing to clean

5. How do you cut it?  

answer:  It cuts easily with a sharp scissors or tin snips.

6.  Ouch!  Why are the edges sharp?

answer:  we have not rolled the edges for 2 reasons.  The cost would be alot higher and it is more flexible which is what we like!!   Just be aware!

7. How much weight can it hold?  

answer:  This depends on the size of the piece.  if you are using the 36"x36" with a huge birdbath on it I would add a few support posts under it.  if you are doing a leaf or flower normal sizes it will hold it well! You can see when you put your glass on it in the kiln exactly what it will do.  The more weight and the hotter you go the more screen  print will be left on your glass.

8.  Zyp?

answer:  I am all about NOT using expensive Zyp when at all possible.  I am not having trouble with it raw at the temps I use. What I am doing on pieces that you are doing face down such as an organic shaped bowl I cover the Adjustamold with scraps of thinfire and they come off perfectly clean. the lines from the scrap edges do not show!

9. I just bought the 12" x 36" and made a huge 32" leaf. I could not have done it without it!

answer:  Not a question....but how cool is that?