Bonny Doon Vitrigraph Pots videos at the bottom of this page for cleaning out the vit pots!

There are 5 different ways to order our Vitrigraph Pots.  Please use item number when ordering!!  There is now a "use notes" under Tutorials!!  We recommend spraying these with Zyp when new ...... they are coming out clean after firing and the Zyp does not show in the cane! Between firing.....just knock with a hammer on the sides and bottom till clean then respray.  Please use # when ordering! You can prefer to 1000 to get rid of any oils.

Stainless Steel Vitrigraph Pots:

#Vit1 -    5" x 5" x 5"    Vitrigraph With 1" Hole in 18 gauge stainless steel   $54

#VB2 -  5" x 5" x 5"        Bottomless Vitrigraph in 16 gauge stainless steel  $54

extra heavy and made to last!!!!

#VB3 - 5" x 5" x 5"    Bottomless Vitrigraph in 16 gauge stainless steel with 6" x 6" x 1/2" fiberboard to use under the steel and 1 sample of 1 mm paper (see instructions)  NEW PRICE $58

Extra heavy and made to last

#VB4 - 5" x 5" x 7"  (7" deep)  Bottomless Vitrigraph in 16 gauge stainless steel new price $68

#VB5 - New Size - 4 1/2” x 4 1/2” x 6” deep $54.00 16 gauge stainless Steel

#Vit DesignPot    These new 4 1/2" x 4 1/2"  pattern forms are 2" deep $28.00.    When bought with a pot from the list above they are $24.

Pattern Former - Bottomless Stainless Steel form where you can make the patterns that you love to put at the top of your cane stacks. Using our new form the glass design will go into a full fuse (or tac) using 1/8" fiber paper ahead of time,  then pop out (clean the edges) and right into one of our stainless steel vitrigraph pots at the top of your stack. That design will pull into the center of your cane. These make it easy to make detailed toppers without trying to build them right on you stack.  also use these ahead making clear glass patties out of you scrap.  Since cane like full flat sheets of glass you cannot effectively use all of that scrap you (andI) have in our studios.  By fusing clear scrap ahead of time you can use that flat piece in yoiur stacks. You can also use this little former to make coasters and other items!

Another advantage of having a Bottomless Pot is you can have different floors with different sized holes. Here is how to buy extra floors. When you line them with our 1mm paper these floors last many many firings.

# Fiberboard 6"/ 6"/ 1/2" -  1 - $12.00

# Fiberboard 6"/ 6"/ 1/2" -  2 - $22.00

Bonny Doon Table-Top Vitrigraph Kiln Stand!!!!


From the bottom of the upper platform to the table is 23". You can place the stand on a higher table and use it while standing but right in front of you ....or you can have it on a lower table and be sitting.  The 24" is a very comfortable distance for working within. I never thought I would be comfortable doing Vitrigraph sitting down .....but wow!!!!

The inside dimension of the top of the platform is 20" across and-14-7/8" front to back.  We will also make a custom size if you need it.

The stands are going to come unpainted to keep your price down.  They have rubber feet and blocks on all of the end pieces.  With your Rustoleum spray paint, you can color it to be wild and crazy.  I prefer the calm blue! 

The retail price is $260.00 each unpainted plus applicable tax and shipping.

These stands will not be shipped with any of our breakable products.  Steel rings, pattern bar formers, Ziggys etc. can be shipped in the same box. The box they will come in will be 24" x 24" x 22" and weigh approximately 26 lbs.


Vitrigraph Spinners

These are our brand new Vitrigraph Spinners!  You capture your glass in the end double slot and spin spin spin.  We have finished off the stainless steel carefully so that the edges are all ground and the 2 slots are the perfect size.   They are 16" long.   There is also no flare at the end that can make your glass very hard to remove.   Just wind gently and loosely and they just slip off after clipping the end. yes....if you wind them tight they can be hard to get off.  Easy to get the hang of it!


1/2" or 3/4" Vit Spinners -  1/  $24    

1" Vit Spinners - 1 / $26    

If you want a set of 1 each all three sizes:

Vit Spinner set of 3   -  $68.00

We now make Vitrigraph Kiln Floors that are 1" thick with a 2" hole drilled in them.  If you get a vit kiln and it has a removable floor that you do not want to drill this is the floor for you.  They do not crack after tons of firings.  Just place it on your stand and the kiln on top of it.  We are only making these in one size.  These are made of dense fiberboard.

#12" x 12" Vitrigraph Floor $58.00

I have just uploaded 2 Videos for cleaning out the Vitrigraph Boxes..... 

1.    This one is for cleaning out the Bottomless Vit Box:

2. This one is for cleaning out the Vitrigraph box with the floor: