New!! Butterfly Slumping Forms

This stainless steel Butterfly Slumper is $16 each. 5 or More are $15 each. Great for classes!

The wing span can be up to 7 1/2” and 6” in height. They come with 2 little fiber board pieces so you can easily balance them in your kiln. They are at a perfect “flying” angle!!!

Here are some examples of how many you can fit in a short kiln where there is not room for stacking…In my larger kilns I stack them using 2 stilts for each one between the others.

The first is in my Evenheat with a 16” shelf …(the photo looks like it is hanging over but it fits!)


The second is on a 14” fiber shelf. 3 fit great. (hope you can see….fiber is sitting on a white table.)