We are now making some fabulous

Flower and Butterfly Stands!!

These stands are made with a solid steel base which perfectly balances the flowers and butterflies.  We are also Powder Coating them.  Powder Coating is different than most stands which are spray painted.  Ours will not scratch and are exactly what galleries want!! Think of a gallery with a couple of stands and extra flowers around the base so the customer can pic or add!!  We are making three different stands:

Triple Flower:  $89.00

Just to give you an idea the flowers in the picture weigh a little over a pound.  They are held on by rare earth magnets that are 1" by 1/4" thick. They are easily removed and changed.

Stems.....  23"  18"  16"

Double Flower Stand: $79

Stems  16"  14"

Butterfly Stands  $38

These Butterfly stands have a 4 x 4" solid steel plate base and can also be used for light weight flowers, dragon flies etc.

Stems  12"  11"



We are not selling the magnets but suggest these!! 

Website is Magnets4less.com


What I do is to glue one magnet onto the back of the flower and another just set on the end of the branch of the stand.  No glue needed on this one....  gently put them together.  Be sure to wait a couple of days after gluing the flower!!!!!

For flowers:

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 12.26.42 PM.png

For small butterflies  3/8" x 1/8"