So many people have asked me about the stringer flow technique that I thought it easiest to repost.  
Line up your stringer tightly on thinfire.  fire 650/1480/10  no anneal needed unless there is something else in the kiln that needs it.  The top temp is determined by how much separation you want.  The longer you hold the greater it pulls. Adjust your firing accordingly.  After firing they will be very fragile.  Take them to a sink and rinse gently using a soft brush on the thinfire.  Get it all off.  Use on any fused glass project!! Easy peasy.  If you have a larger kiln you can do a separate shelf in a normal fuse that is posted higher than the other work so it gets more heat.
I found this fun technique 20 some years ago when I was doing a full fuse on a piece that had lots of stringers on it.  The piece blew apart do to improper fast firing leaving the stringers behind on the shelf. Sometimes accidents are the best way to discover something new.  I understand Tanya made a video on this technique a couple of years ago. fun stuff.  Easy to get a great look!!