We now have a new treat for you!! 

We have a tutorial for making our Treasure Troves that come with the 2 stainless steel forms needed as a set!!  $100.00

Learn at home in your studio!!

Screen Shot 2017-09-12 at 9.03.50 PM.png

The finished size of the glass Treasure Trove is apx 7" x 5" by 3" deep with the lid being a bit larger.

Our method is easy by using the new Stainless Steel forms we have made and by following our step by step tutorial.  Lots of photos included.  Our set includes the form for the bottom of the box and the form for a lid to fit…  PLUS our tutorial which comes as a PDF.   
Here is a list of the supplies you will need to complete this project.

Please read it carefully so you will have everything on hand that you will need!!

You will need cold working equipment to complete this project.
All prices are listed.

Worldwide shipping available. Shipping costs will apply.

Other needed items not included in the set:

 1” fiber board - we have it in 12” x 12”.  You cut it to fit your project $38.00

1/8” fiber - (our fiber rolls do not work for this… need sheet to cut to size.  We now carry it in12” x 48”  $14.50

Thinfire or shelf paper (we do not supply this)

1/2” fiberboard 12” x 12” shelves(we use these as shelves to build on and then to easily move to the kiln.  Handy to have but not a necessity   $28.00

1mm paper - this is the same paper we use for crackle technique.  We sell it in rolls of 10’ x 24” for $25.00. You may also request a different size to go under your boxes and I will cut them to order.  $1.00each This is used under your project.  It is optional……You may also use thin fire but I like the thickness.



More info!!

Did you guys know that one of the originators of glass boxes was Brenda Griffith way back around 2004? Gorgeous boxes!! She is very inspiring to me (and to others) and after reading her book she has personally encouraged me to take her box style to the next level. Be sure to check out her book on Amazon "Kiln-Formed Glass-Beyond The Basics". Great book!  So much information about techniques!!
The cool thing about making our “Treasure Troves” is they will have YOUR style.
We are using a different method from Brenda’s that is much easier! You are going to love it!!  No one else is doing it our way!!!!  

How to order:

If you would like to order please send an email to with your full shipping address and a list for any additional items you wish to add.

If you just write an email that says "send it all" it makes it kind of hard.  Please list.
(Please provide address even if we have shipped to you before!!)
We will fill the orders as they come in and we will bill you through Paypal. If you do not like using Paypal when you receive that invoice you can call us with a CC number.


Questions that are coming thru emails:

Can a beginner glass artist do this project?  YES!!  the only thing is you will need access to cold working equipment such as a flat lap.  A sandblaster is also a plus but not a must have.

How deep does my kiln have to be??    All you need is 4" depth.  The beginning former is 3" deep.

Can you ship overseas?  Yes....we ship all over the world and if you send us your shipping info we will send back a quote. 

Can I use float glass?  I have not tried float.  I can not recommend it.

Will there be other sizes in the future?  Big yes....for people who have purchased the tutorial!

We now have a bottom half that is 4" deep for those that have purchased the tutoral and regular size. $38.00 This fits the same size lid.