Bonny Doon AdjustaMold

Here is our newest product!!  This material is fabulous as you can adjust it to fit your needs for your particular free flowing formed pieces.

Here is a little video!!

and another



12" x 12"  $22.00

12" x 36"  $60

36" x 36"  $118.00


 This can be cut with a scissors or a tin spips.  Try it you'll like it!! I am no longer using Zyp on the Adjustamold. ..on light pieces like leaves I am not having any issues when slumping 1175 for 30 min.  If you are slumping something that you want totally clean (as in no screen prints at all) I use thin fire over the mold. I would do this for instance if I am slumping an organic bowl.


This material does not crease (Unless you really try hard!!) so it can be used over and over with different shapes.

This is a round cut out of a 36/36" Adjustamold

Here is the set up I decided to use on this one.  it is a Bottomless mold around 15" upside down with a 1/2" fiberboard round on top of some 3" posts.  Adjustamold over it.....Sprayed with Zyp lightly.  fired to 1175 for 45 min.

Here is another bowl made from a 36/36”