Great way to use scrap glass.

Line your stainless steel forms with 1/8" fiber paper.  when the ends meet put a small piece of scrap thin fire behind the seam as insurance.  put the form on thin fire or a well kiln washed shelf.  be sure the 1/8" is pushed all the way to the shelf leaving no gaps.  Smash up your clean clear scrap with a hammer and sift off any dust and fines as they will cloud up the melt. Fill the form about half way.  Next smash up any other scrap that you want to use for your color and put on top of the sure you have enough so that after it is melted you will at least have 2 complete layers.  It will melt down a lot so be generous. On a melt like this in 96 I will use the following schedule which is pretty fast.  On these I do not even use a bubble squeeze as I like the interior bubbles here with a smooth top!  If you do not you can add one.


9999/960/90 (If firing for extra thick add more tie to the anneal)


Easy and a great use of scrap!