There is now a tutorial on this site!!



If you want an additional pot that will fit on the top center for yet another look let me know.  $14.00 added  with the additional pot you will need a deeper kiln though. They will not sit in ….but on top.

If you want a specific size and depth email me!  New ones are made every couple of weeks as my time allows. I try to keep some of each size in stock but as we are shipping all over the world these days it is a bit hard to keep up.

Here are the prices for our Annulars.    Keep in mind…the smaller ones will not have as many holes but as many as I can fit.

This blue/green below was made by Karla Lange of Muskegon, Mi!!!! 


Keep in mind when ordering….the glass spreads.  On the big ones I have been using a 12"!  Be sure to order a stainless steel ring or square to drip into.  There is a tutorial on this site/


PLEASE NOTE- LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE ORDERING FOR A SHORT KILN AND I WILL MAKE SURE YOU GET ONE THAT WILL FIT!!!!!   The measurement is from rim to rim . Always wash off the sanding dust well before the first use!!

Annular 8"  2" deep   $38

Annular 10”    2” deep    $42

Annular 11"  2" deep    $48

Annular 12”    2” deep    $58

I am no longer making Annulars that are over 12" as a standard item.  If you need a larger one let me know and I will price it for you..

Here is a new Annular Pot Melt made by Tammie Searles!

Here is a fun series of pictures from Jenie Yolland

Below is one on the left made by Elizabeth Oliphant

on the right by Gail Stouffer!


This one below was made by Pernille Sporon Boving!!!! 

And another below by Karla Johnson Lange!