Pattern Bar and Flow Tools

Triangle Bar Formers

Our Triangle Pattern Bar Formers are better thans ever.  we now notch the ends of the stainless steel to accommodate our flow strip or you can use them with fiber board ends and the Ziggy flow tools.  Just line them carefully with 1/8" fiber paper or our 1mm paper.  there is a tutorial on the site for more info.  They come in 4 sizes to fit your needs.

12" Triangle Former - $46

Triangle Pattern Bar Former with Flow Strips

  These include your choice of 3 or 6 flow bars

12" Triangle Bar with:

     Item # FS3 -14/12 3 -14 " Flow Strips $62.00

     Item # FS6 -14/12 6 -14"  Flow Strips $70.00

Ziggy Flow Tool

#Ziggy 12" - $38.00

Here is a ziggy over a 10” heart. they can also be just put on kiln stilts over any former.

Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 12.27.30 PM.png

Obtuse Pattern Bar Former

Our latest Pattern Bar!!


12" Obtuse Triangle Bar    $46.00

with flow bars....set of 3 or 6 - please use numbers below when ordering sets!

     Item # OB3 -12" Bar with 3 -14 " Flow Strips $58

     Item # OB6 -12"  Bar with   6 -14"  Flow Strips $74

Flow Strips

Sold in packs of 6 flow strips:
10" - $42
12" - $46
14" - $50

16”= $58

Fiberboard if needed: 

2 pieces that are

2" x   6" - $14.00

2" x 12" - $22.00

Use over any of our stainless steel forms!!! Be sure to line the forms with 1/8" fiber paper (not shown in this picture).  We now have 100 ft rolls of 1"and 2"  - 1/8" fiber paper

No kiln wash or Zyp on the bars

When your kiln cools, and the glass is hard, there will be just a skim of glass left on your bars.  As they cool they will want to release that glass.  Therefore when you open your kiln after firing there will be little pieces of glass.  Have a vacuum handy and it makes short work of it. This chip glass will not bother your melt and to me the look is well worth the vacuuming! They will continue to pop so I just throw my bars in the sink when unloading the kiln.  To reuse just knock them on a concrete floor a couple of wacks!!

Rectangle Pattern Bar Former

Be sure to always line your bar with 1/8" fiber paper!!

Please use item number when ordering:

RPB8 - 8" x 4" Pattern Bar Former 2" Deep -  $40.00

RPB12 - 12" x 4" Pattern Bar Former 2" Deep -  $44.00