Our 1mm fiber paper is here!!!  This is the 1mm fiber paper folks are using for the powder crackle technique.   It comes in 24" wide by 10 ft long by 1mm thick for $25. Here are a few examples using this technique that just came out of my kiln. I am loving it.  We ship it thru USPS is one of their tubes if you get 10'. It will come packed by itself rolled as carefully as I can in a USPS box so it will get most places in a 2-3 day time frame. We still have to up hold our $40 minimum. We are just way too busy to cut, package, ship and bill for a $20 sale especially when our price is this low......so please look over our site and see what else you can use. Anything else you order off of our site will come in a separate box which is unfortunate but it is the way it is!! (except for Ziggies and flow strips that I think will fit nicely.) no facebook orders please. email with address to bkpottery@aol.com


NEW NOTE#######  I am now using this 1 mm paper to line triangle and obtuse triangle bar formers instead of 1/8" fiber.  Works great and folds into the ends to seal them easier than 1/8". You do, however, need to be careful so that your do not rip it and cause a leak!!