Sepia Photos in Glass

Want to give it a try but don’t want to buy the printer before giving it a go?  We will print a full 8” x 11” page of decals for you to fuse onto your glass.

All you do is make a full page of black and white lettering or images and send us a PDF and we will print you a full page that you can then cut apart and fuse into your glass projects.  The images will all be sepia in color.

First you find your color photo and change to black and white , cropped and add make a full page leaving a 1/2" border open.  We then print onto our decal paper.
We charge $15 per sheet if it is all ready to go when I get it.  If you want me to look at pics....make them black and white and enhance etc it is $20 per sheet.
If you are doing small jewelry you can fit tons of images on one sheet....or sayings....or sketches.
Please keep in mind that we have a $40 minimum on our add this to other items!!  :5

Here is one that I did recently where I prefused the glass on a texture mold face down then added the print and refired.

Here are some fun to do.