Stainless Steel Heart Formers

We are making these in 2 sizes.  Both sizes are 2" deep:

Mold Heart#10   -    10" across / 10" long     $32.00

Mold Heart #8   -   8" across/ 8+ long      $28.00

Mold Heart #6 - 6" across/ 6" long    $22 each6 or more $20

  4 of these 6" hearts will fit on a 13" shelf!!!!

We now are making Bubble Pots to fit the hearts!!

Bubble for the 8" Heart $28.00

Bubble for the 10" Heart $38.00

These are great for scrap melts, combing, deep glass and also using as a pot melt form! Use with 1/8" fiber paper lining the stainlesswhich we carry in 1" rolls.

These are all bent by hand and can vary slightly by 1/4" or so.

Below is a bubble pot into a heart.....still warm in the kiln tonight!. 

Below is a heart made with Vitrigraph Cane made by Lori Day Sodderberg

Below is a heart made with a Ziggy Flow Tool by Lynn Leislar