Class Schedule Summer/Fall 2016
50% deposit by check is required to hold your space.  Email to

Large fully supplied classroom.  We have 11 kilns and lots of space!!


More classes will be added throughout the year!


June 18/19 Sat/Sun 10AM - 5PM
Fuse ON

Level - beginning intermediate
This class will cover all of the basics of fusing but will take it to a few other levels.  Beginner or intermediate fusers will all learn new tricks.  This will be a power packed time using frits, powders and lots of other techniques.  We will also go over the ‘why and why nots of firing schedules. We will be using 96 in the class but all schedules for 90 will also be included. Be prepared to make lots of glass!!    Light lunch included.   $350.00

July 9/10 Sat/Sun 10AM - 5PM

Level - no experience required
2 days of learning the ins and outs of vitrigraph.
We have 5 vitrigraph kilns! In this class you will be doing twists and stringers to your hearts content.  You will learn about Vitrigraph kilns, loading of your pots and schedules.   The second half of day 1 we will be making some pieces using the vitrigraph that we pulled and loading our pots for day 2.  Day 2 will be all about twisted cane. We will be using COE 96.  This is not a cane class although we will touch on it!
Limit to 8 students - 2 students will share a vit kiln so bring a friend!
Light lunch provided. $350.00

July 23/24 Sat/Sun 10AM - 4PM   2 spaces left!

Warren Norgaard’s Sand Mandalas in Glass

Level - no experience needed
In this two day workshop, Warren Norgaard (founder of Facebook's Fused Glass Fanatics) will show you how to use the ancient tools of Tibetan Monks to create your own personal mandala designs in glass. Finished pieces will retain texture, and be ready to mount. Presentation options, methods, and ideas will also be discussed during class. Light lunch included.

Monday July 25 - 10AM - 1PM


Level - no experience required

This has been added for folks that are in Warren’s class.
We will load our pots after his class has completed and they will be fired and ready for us at 10AM
We have 5 vitrigraph kilns! In this class you will be doing twists and stringers to your hearts content.   We will be using COE 96.  This is not a cane class.  This class will be 3 hours in the morning.  10AM -1PMLimit to 8 students - Bring a lunch to enjoy on the deck after class.  If you are not attending Warren’s class we can get your pot going for you.We will be using 96 in the class .

Aug6/7 Sat/Sun 10AM - 5PM
Stencils Stencils Stencils

Level - no experience necessary
You asked for it….this is it!  All my tricks to make beautiful stencil pieces and more! You will also get to use oxygen propane torches to make elements for fusing into your projects. Each student will be making 2 main pieces with a few smaller pieces.  We will be using 96 in the class but all schedules for 90 will also be included. $425.00

Aug 13/14Sat/Sun10AM to 5PM

Fused Glass Combing

In this class you will learn all about hot glass combing and different techniques to accomplish your combing dreams.    Hands on!    fun fun fun!!!!

Limit 6 students   $425    light lunches included




Aug 20 / 21 / 22 Sat 10AM to 5PM,  Sun 10AM to 5PM,   Mon 12 noon to 5PM$595   Light lunch included.

This class is now full - there is a wait list started. Be sure to email me! We might decide to add a Tues/Wed/Thurs class if there is enough interest.


August 26/27/28 10-5PMFULL

painting with Mark Hufford -  $495.00


Aug 29 Monday 10AM-5PM
Colorizing Sepia and Vitrigraph Twists

In this class you will learn the basics of Vitrigraph including firing schedules.  Day one we will load our pots.  While they are firing we will teach all about colorizing sepia printing.  Take sepias to a whole new level. Each student will have the chance to make 2 pieces using my methods. In the afternoon we will be pulling our vitrigraph. We will be using 96 in the class but all schedules for 90 will also be included. It will be a fun day! A light lunch will be included.  $175.00    


Sept 24/25Sat/Sun 9AM to 5PM
Flows, Pattern Bars and Pot Melts

This will be a fast paced 2 days of pattern bar construction and their use in final pieces. We will make your choices of Obtuse Pattern Bars, Triangle pattern bars or others with flowing glass!!  Day 2 will be slicing, finishing and the use of your beauties on finished work. All schedules will be discussed along with making the most out of your kiln space.   These will be able to be picked up the following week or shipped to you.  We will be using 96 in the class but all schedules for 90 will also be included. light lunch included
limit to 6 students$425


Oct 8/9/10 this class is full.  new date added Oct 29/30/31

Vitrigraph Cane Workshop

You do not have to have glass cutting skills or circle cutting skills in this class!  We will make it easy and funfor you!!  You will also go home with a good stash of cane!!


Oct 15/16 10AM-5PM
Casting in Stainless Steel

In this class you will learn all about using stainless steel formers.   It will be a fast paced day one with everyone learning the ins and out of using stainless steel formers successfully.  On day 2 we will be combingalong with a demo and instructions on how to make roll up pattern bars!  The afternoon of day 2 we will be opening the casting kilns and preparing the pieces for additional firings. This work will be taken to your studio to complete.  We will be using 96 in the class but all schedules for 90 will also be included. Light lunch included   $350

Oct 29/30/31 - Vitrigraph Cane Workshop

This will be a 3 day workshop teaching the ins and outs of making Cane and Murrini.
 We have 5 vitrigraph kilns and will be limiting the class to 10.

Cost $525
The hours will be: Sat/Sun 10AM to 5 PM
Monday 1-4
You will be pulling 2 sets of cane during the class.  There will be a demo of a drop ring Murrini piece. You will go home with a fired piece of your cane work that is ready to be slumped or dropped depending on what you choose. We will be using 96 COE in the class but schedules will be given for both. No glass experience is needed.  You will be handling hot glass in a safe environment.  
To get more information or to hold a space please email to

Fri. Nov 4, Sat Nov 5, Sun Nov 6

Gail Stouffer's

Sculpturtal Imagery In Glass

Times:  9:30 AM to 6 PM

Cost $695

Workshop Description
Take your fused glass beyond the bowl! It’s time to create light catching sculpture that touches the heart and communicates to the soul. It doesn’t matter if you’re going for a loose abstract design or a strictly photographic image, you’ll learn how to make it happen in this exciting new workshop! Each new skill and technique can be applied to small work as well as larger projects, making this a “don’t miss” class!

The focus of this workshop is on the development and printing of images in tall, transparent, glass sculptures. Students will learn a high-tech, “no-fuss” modern screen-printing technique that is attainable in any studio. We’ll work with photo manipulation software, glass enamels and powder (Bullseye Glass) applications, and apply direct painting techniques to our imagery on multiple layers of glass. The image layers will then be fired, stacked, and fired again to create tall thick slabs of transparent glass. The slabs will then be cut, ground, polished and mounted. Students will become skilled at preparing personalized images, creating their own silk screens, layering images, and mastering the firing schedules that deliver success, plus effective kiln casting and cold working techniques. Each student will cut, grind and polish their pieces, and learn how to create and mount their base pieces. As an added bonus, students will experience a second project utilizing our same screens for powder printing! Some fusing experience is necessary to participate, but advanced skills are not required to be successful!

Nov 18 to Nov 2010AM to 5 PM

Master Sculpture class!  $895

In this fast paced 3 day class you will make 3 separate projects in 3 days.  This one is forfusers with glass cutting experience.  The first day we will be making a Human Form Sculpture.  The second day will be a tree sculpture.  The third day will be all about leaves.   2 Stands will be included in the class.  This will be an exciting class with so much that he will share. All supplies and lunch included.