Closed Dec 10 thru Jan 3 for vacation

(When we return we will fill orders in the order in which they came in since we have a lot of one of a kind items!)

This site offers tools for glass fusers  - we have found these items helpful in our own studio here in Santa Cruz.

The Fused Glass Tools We Make Include: 

  • Bottomless Slumping Molds
  • Pot Melt Sets
  • Stainless Steel Formers
  • Ziggy-Flow tool - NEW
  • Triangle Pattern Bars
  • Pattern Bar Formers 
  • Mr-97
  • Water Jet Cut Hearts
  • Annular Pot Melt Pots
  • Pot Melt Pot Supports
  • Texture Molds
  • Sepia Printing
  • Custom Work
  • Scalloped Drop Rings
  • Gift Certificates

Our minimum order is $40.00 

Please see the pull down menus at the top of the page for price lists.

smright before sunset.jpg

Here are some examples of artwork that we have made using the tools available on this site.