Letters from customers

Wow, we got our package of the stainless and the pot melt pots. Unbelievable! I can't tell you how beyond our expectations this stuff is. The rings are incredible - I LOVE that they are such a thickness of stainless. I have seen some that I wondered if they would stretch out of round with the weight of the hot glass - obviously not these! I am so glad that we kept looking around until we found your site again.
Anyway, we are recommending you to anyone and everyone that will pause a few seconds to listen!

Thanx again, Duane and Ben, The Geckos


Hello to you all;

I have been reading this bulletin board for quite some time...and recently could not help but follow the threads on flower pot melts. Through your posts I found Laurie Spray who was very helpful and detailed in her replies to the many questions people had...I went on ahead and ordered her stainless steel rings and pots. And I am posting because I was sooo very pleased with her merchandise...and her customer service:)...I have searched long and hard for pots that are wide enough with a higher rim than the regular saucers, but not so high they won't fit into my kiln...well...her pots fit the bill and will impress you with their sturdyness. They are a completely different animal than what else is out there...and this is not coming across that clearly on her website. I think everybody who does those type of melts would probably want them. Her stainless steel rings were equally pleasing to me...no inside bumps etc...which would impact your form...last, but not least, I fired my melts according to her instructions ...and voila...it turned out beautifull! So..thank you all for making it possible for me to find her...i really appreciate the many tips you all give here to each other...and I just wanted to chime in and re-affirm a valuable resource for all of you who want to try the "big melt."

Oh, and thank you Laurie, you are fabulous!


pinkcb on Tue Sep 23, 2008 10:47 am 

Ditto, I'll agree! My kiln is only 6 inches deep so finding pots that will work under these conditions is tough. Earlier in the summer I ordered from Laurie as well (3 pot melt pots, a round ring and the pattern bar former). Unlike alot of online retailers, shipping to Canada was not a problem for her. Customer service is great and product is excellent. I posted a picture of the first melt I did with her pot. Now I'm trying to move beyond the obsession of just doing the pot melt and trying to incorporate them in other things.


A Visitor to Bonny Doon

    • I know you will have a nice time.  Laurie and Joel are so nice and personable.  After being around them for 5 minutes you feel like you're visiting with good friends you haven't seen for a while.  They have a really cool dog, too, named Fred.

      Laurie invited me into her home and I must say it was a great experience.  Her art is displayed in every room.  And such beauty and creativity.  And not only in glass.  She has some pottery work that is really fun.  You'll see when you get there.  It will bring a smile to your face, my guarantee.

      Be sure to take enough money.  I don't mean to be crass, but there are so many cool things I could have bought if I had more money with me.  Bowl molds, pot melt pots, drop rings, steel formers, and more.  And then she has a shop where you can buy some beautiful examples of her art.  I particularly liked a mask I saw there.  But alas, not enough money.

      Anyway, I'm going to beat you getting up there.  LOL!  I'm hoping to go back in the next couple of weeks, to pick up some more stuff.  Kind of fun being close enough to make it a day trip.