Bonny Doon AdjustaMold

Here is our newest product!!  This material is fabulous as you can adjust it to fit your needs for your particular free flowing formed pieces.

Here is a little video!!

and another



12" x 12"  $22.00

12" x 36"  $60

36" x 36"  $118.00


 This can be cut with a scissors.  When sprayed lightly with Boron Spray nothing will stick.  Try it you'll like it!! (I will be testing it soon with no zip!)

added....I have been doing testing with no zyp....on light pieces like leaves I am not having any issues when slumping 1175 for 30 min.  Yeah


This material does not crease (Unless you really try hard!!) so it can be used over and over with different shapes.

This is a round cut out of a 36/36" Adjustamold

Here is the set up I decided to use on this one.  it is a Bottomless mold around 15" upside down with a 1/2" fiberboard round on top of some 3" posts.  Adjustamold over it.....Sprayed with Zyp lightly.  fired to 1175 for 45 min.